September 02, 2012

Apple Dijon Chicken Burgers

Apple Dijon Chicken Sliders with Chili Lime Roasted Cauliflower

What is better than NOT having to work on Labor Day???? Um, Oh I can think of a few things.... how about hanging out poolside, spending time with family and friends, chilling at the beach, getting a tan or most importantly FIRING UP THE GRILL!!!(which can be combined with the first 4, for an ultimate Labor Day Party).
Grilling is a great way to cook your paleo meats, doesn't matter if it's chicken, beef, or seafood. Grilling seems to have that special magic power to make everything just taste soooo much better. You must admit, there is nothing like a JUICY fat burger (that's the meat lover in me talking) fresh off the grill!!! Just thinking about it is making my mouth water. But it doesn't have to be limited to just meats....I am an equal opportunist!!! VEGGIES on the grill are also the! Not sure if its the food item themselves or the power of the GRILL!! Grill power vs food doesn't really matter! The results are always the same, DELICIOUS!!!

Labor Day just wouldn't be Labor Day without a good cookout, right? Right!! Are you looking for something DELICIOUS and different to take to the cook out this year? Maybe you are the host and are having friends over and don't know what to cook? Or maybe you will be doing absolutely nothing but still want to celebrate the holiday in the comfort of your own home by grilling up some goodies just for yourself? Either way your story goes, Paleo Curls has you covered!!!

How about an apple Dijon chicken burger?!?! Not that I don't love me a good beef burger but every now and then I like to change things up....hence the chicken burger. Are you too tired of the typical "cook out" beef burgers? Well..... how about you kill two birds with one stone and make a PALEO Apple Dijon Chicken Burger.  Chicken is a great alternative to beef and it gives those who may not eat red meat the option to still enjoy a burger....chicken style or enjoy chicken.... burger style.....anyway, you get where I am going with this! 

These Apple Dijon chicken burgers seem to be the perfect combination between sweet and tangy! The apple gives it the right amount of sweetness with a little crunch and the Dijon mustard just gives it an extra little UMPH factor. You know the feeling when you taste something and it reminds you of something you have had or eaten somewhere before but you just can't put your finger on it....yeah that is what the Dijon mustard does for these burgers. The fun doesn't stop with just what goes in the burger, it begins with what goes on top of the burger.

The beauty of burgers is that you can make them your very own!! It's like playing dress-up, but instead of Barbie and Ken you have burgers. The garnishes for these bad boys (and girls) I will leave up to you! You can put them in a bun (not paleo) or between lettuce, you can put tomatoes or onions on top, you can add peppers or mushroom, you can add sauces or no sauces, cheese (again not paleo) or no cheese, it's totally up to YOU! Either way you go, these burgers can be enjoyed by everyone, paleo or not! I garnished my chicken apple Dijon burgers with tomatoes, spinach and a homemade avocado mayo!!! My burger dress up session = Perfection in my mouth!!!!

*****This recipe can be used to make one FAT BIG ENORMOUS burger that you indulge in all by yourself and after you are stuffed to capacity you will sit and wonder how and why did you eat that all by yourself. Or you can be "nice" and make burger sliders (mini burgers), put them out and then sit back and watching your friends fight, claw and drop kick each other to try and get the last slider that is left on the plate because you made just enough for everyone to have 2 with 1 left over <insert evil laugh here>because they are just so darn good. The second choice sounds pretty darn tempting, but I am going to leave that up to you!!!*****

Apple Dijon Chicken Sliders

Prep Time: 10-15 minutes                         Cook Time: 12-18 minutes

1 pound of ground chicken  
½ tbsp of coconut oil
1 large apple
2 ½ tbsp of Dijon Mustard
Mrs. Dash garlic and herb seasoning (to taste)
Sea salt and Pepper (to taste)

     1.   Peel the skin off of 1 large apple. Core the center of the apple and shred it. Place shredded apple to the side.
     2.   Fire up the grill.
     3.   Take 1 lbs of ground chicken and season it to taste using Mrs. Dash garlic and herb seasoning, sea salt and pepper (or seasoning of choice)
     4.   Mix seasonings in well with ground chicken. Add 2 ½ tbps of Dijon mustard.
     5.   Mix shredded apples in with ground chicken mixture.
     6.   Form the ground chicken into 6 slider size patties of equal size and thickness.
     7.   Brush the grill pan with ½ tbsp of coconut oil to keep the sliders from sticking.
     8.   Place the sliders on the grill. Cook for 8-9 minutes.
     9.   Open grill top and flip the sliders with a spatula and cook on the other side for an additional 8-9 minutes. *Continue to cook sliders if they still are not done after 8-9 minutes*
     10. Remove sliders from grill. Place sliders on a plate.
     11. Top sliders with garnishes of your choice.
     12. Pair sliders with you favorite side, serve immediately and ENJOY!

Serves 2 people

Side Note: These Apple Dijon sliders can be paired with any side (or enjoyed alone).  I topped my sliders with spinach, tomatoes and a homemade paleo avocado mayo. 

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